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Yoga Sequencing: Building towards the Peak Pose

When I first began yoga, for many years (yes years) I had no idea there was a rhyme or reason to the practice. It was because I was totally out of my depth and element. The teachers would say things in sanskrit, I was battling a mindful of distracting thoughts and at some point I usually just prayed we would get to the “laying down” part at the end ( I LOVE that part, perhaps more than most).

However, there was one thing I did extraordinarily right. There was one thing I achieved in yoga that most people never have or will.  And that was my attitude.  I have the best attitude when it comes to yoga. My attitude was, and always will be, zero expectations.  I do not wander into yoga demanding anything from it that day.  I don’t care about seeing results, I don’t over analyze what I can and cannot do. I do not hold any hope or expectations  for my teachers. Just carry simple gratitude that they are there to maybe show me just one thing I didn’t know about myself or about yoga before that day. This humility provided me a limilitess enjoyment and engagement with the experience and still provides me the same wonder and awe today.

So as I ventured on to my mat, in this realm of an unknown experience I tried to make sense of it all.  As I got into my certification and training I realized that practice wasn’t just some random poses strung together said by a teacher in half english. There actually was a course to navigate and a linear path.  Each pose helps lead to the next.

In my previous blog I broke down the warm up. Here I will explain what happens after you’ve dropped in and begin to flow.

Sequencing in yoga is a strategy that is implemented to help take all the component parts offered in warm up, to guide you consciously and subconcsioculy towards a peak position.  So basically 1/3 of the way through you’ve already built this pose bit by bit and towards the apex you put it all together.  So it’s not just chaos! It’s a systemic approach.

Hence why there should be zero expectations at the beginning of your journey. Do the work and all will come together.  No matter the time. So an example of a peak position (which could be anything, which is why the practice is so limitless and exciting) let’s choose Handstand.  A good way to sequence a practice around handstand is to break down what exactly is required for this pose.

07/18/2015 Kyle Lardner Beach Shots

Shoulder strength

Fearlessness to go upside down



With these  component elements in place, there are tangible parts of your warm up which have already started incorporating these parts. For example during warming up, downward dog is a wonderful way to build shoulder strength. In addition you are already going halfway upside down (since you are raising your hips above your head). The mind is already experiencing in a very safe way, life upside down.



The Surya A’s and B’s (as mentioned in my warm up blog) are also wonderful series that work nearly every muscle group as well as start incorporating balancing and flexibility.


So even if you don’t put it all together for the peak pose, eventually after repetition and practice, you will have already done everything it takes to take it a step further and begin raising your legs up over your head for handstand.  I’ve noticed in practice that eventually poses reveal themselves to you, through proper breathing, practice and instruction from the teacher.  Which is why having no expectation is the best way to approach yoga.

After one has achieved the peak position, the practice then typically shifts towards cooling down.  We cultivate a lot of heat and energy working towards this goal. In my next blog I’ll go through the details of the cool down.

This is a typical break down for a beginner and intermediate yoga class.

Let your work be the expression of your commitment and all will come. Or as I like to say “Do the work and all will calm.”



Yoga Philosophy and the American Dream

I think more then anything what we really want to do is communicate through our soul, but because we didn’t have the knowledge or tools to access our spirit, we communicate through ego.  As a result things we covet tend to be materialistic. This lead us into becoming a nation of consumerism.


To communicate by soul,  means we have to have a communion with our “selves” with our “higher purpose.”  This can be a  very confusing journey inward (as our ego for so long has ruled our mindset and will quickly encourage you “give up” because “this feels uncomfortable”) the ego will quickly identify with your lack of “results”  and quite often misguides and misleads you back into consumption of fulfillment that someone else  is selling (slick gym clothes, air brushed models on magazines, sodas, makeup, candy, fast food, expensive things).

The ego will mislead you and never let you walk over or through the bridge that leads to your higher consciousness .  Here, in that space  exists your dream. Your truth.  Your limitless potential. Here is your beauty, your grace and your timelessness.  It is your inner spirit dwelling inside you,  a life force waiting to be called upon and heard. It is always speaking to you-but in a world where we are so assaulted not only by outer noise but also frantic inner noise, our minds tend to be busy, distracted, unfocused and sadly to say probably negative.


Look at yourself inside, the health of your body and your mind.  Yoga is the manifestation of us realizing our pure potential! Deep inside you is a treasure, a truly unique gift that separates you from everyone else on earth.  When we practice yoga we begin to align our inner spirit with the universal spirit.

Namaste (I see the light in you)

Kyle Elizabeth

Tips from the Top: Chandresh Bhardwaj

Continuing the series of Tips from the Top (top tips from instructors) I would like to introduce Chandresh Bhardwaj.  He hails all the way from India and has a spiritual center on Long Island and a huge following all over the world.  Chandresh is often busy traveling so I was happy and honored we had the chance to catch up.  Unlike some of the other yoga  teachers I’ve interviewed, his class is a meditation class and bases a lot of his teaching on Tantra.  Meaning one can just go and sit or lay down and connect to the divine.  He comes from a long lineage of Spiritual teachers and one gets the sense this was quite literally something he was born to do.


I asked him the same question:  could you lend me a quote or advice  you give to help beginner students understand yoga?

Hi Kyle,

Here’s my advice

“Do not fight your anger, ego, greed, and desires. The more you fight with them, the more they will come after you. These elements are part of you. You cannot experience your higher self if you keep running away from these elements. Once you start to meditate, these emotions channel into higher consciousness. And your real self starts to bloom. Meditate and continue to discover this world with a childlike curiosity!”

– Chandresh Bhardwaj, spiritual advisor and founder of Break the Norms Movement (www.iamChandresh.com)

Yoga and True Happiness

More and more I’ve become so happy. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy. I am my happiest self.


Yoga lead me to my happiness  because it showed me how to become more mindful.  When I explored my mind so deeply I  connected to my true self, I grew more aware of how things made me feel.  Being constantly aware of what makes me feel good is what has lead me to divine happiness. ” Does this make me feel happy?” Is a question I ask myself all day long about everything I touch, taste, see, hear and feel.

There were things about my life that shattered my happiness.  A messy home was at the core of it (I have a very scattered mind) Had it not been for yoga I would never had enough self awareness to really get to the core of my constant distress.   I read a great book called

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I decided to implement her strategy straight away. (As well as recruit a super organized buddy for additional guidance)


As soon as my closet was deeply cleaned (6 bags of garbage released) and my floors vacuumed, the rest tidied, such a sense of calm and serenity over took me.  The irony of it all is that I hate a messy home yet I am quite unorganized.  Now however as soon as things begin to pile up I quickly tidy it.  Doing this great big clean out really effected my outside life as well. Inside my life was harmonious and peaceful. Carrying this feeling into my outward life I felt jubilant happy and over joyed with life’s possibilities.

Do yoga!  What is the root of your unhappiness? Maybe you are unaware…As soon as you connect to it, you can fix it and true happiness (which is a level above) awaits!