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Tips from the Top: David Lynch (Part I)

I’ve been really excited to write this particular article featuring David Lynch. His classes are popular because his method works. He immediately takes one into the present moment. Few people possess such divine humility. Although he has ethereal abilities it’s his moments of reality and referencing pop culture that adds a perfect comedic release during the apex of the practice. He has an exceptional play list and command of the room.  As well as angelic presence. He is a very special kind of  teacher. A spirit guide.

I was so happy when he responded to my weekly column with not only enthusiasm but a books worth of guidance.  So much so I had to I’ve decided to break his answers in to parts.  (I know readers are short on time). He is such a vast source of knowledge and depth it is incredible.  All of these teachers are and it has been so humbling having them open up and respond to the weekly question:

What is your advice for beginning Yogis?


Be strong enough to shed your preconceptions and step onto your mat each day, out into this world and into your own head with a nakedness born of mature innocence, a willingness to be present to the true nature of the immediacy of the moment and if you can, freed from the fetters of your past triumphs and traumas and unburdened by the unknowable unknown you will live in fluctuating moments of serenity that one day will bloom into tranquil permanent impermanence.
– David Lynch

Yoga and True Happiness

More and more I’ve become so happy. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy. I am my happiest self.


Yoga lead me to my happiness  because it showed me how to become more mindful.  When I explored my mind so deeply I  connected to my true self, I grew more aware of how things made me feel.  Being constantly aware of what makes me feel good is what has lead me to divine happiness. ” Does this make me feel happy?” Is a question I ask myself all day long about everything I touch, taste, see, hear and feel.

There were things about my life that shattered my happiness.  A messy home was at the core of it (I have a very scattered mind) Had it not been for yoga I would never had enough self awareness to really get to the core of my constant distress.   I read a great book called

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I decided to implement her strategy straight away. (As well as recruit a super organized buddy for additional guidance)


As soon as my closet was deeply cleaned (6 bags of garbage released) and my floors vacuumed, the rest tidied, such a sense of calm and serenity over took me.  The irony of it all is that I hate a messy home yet I am quite unorganized.  Now however as soon as things begin to pile up I quickly tidy it.  Doing this great big clean out really effected my outside life as well. Inside my life was harmonious and peaceful. Carrying this feeling into my outward life I felt jubilant happy and over joyed with life’s possibilities.

Do yoga!  What is the root of your unhappiness? Maybe you are unaware…As soon as you connect to it, you can fix it and true happiness (which is a level above) awaits!