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Yoga and Death

I think the reason I like yoga so much is that nothing else in life prepared me for death, my death or anyone else’s.  We’re constantly surrounded by it whether we experience it first hand or not. And nothing I’ve experienced really  prepares me for it. Whatever it is, however it makes me feel, however it makes you feel- it always ends up in a question mark of how are we supposed to feel? Angry, sad, peaceful, relieved, dark, confused, complex, anguished, indifferent?  There are so many negative feelings and some positive about it.

Energetically more can be answered about death. Energetically we can still feel the spirit, we can sense it. I want to tune in to that energy because there  is healing power there.
This is our 7th chakra. We need to develop this skill and open our minds to this communion.
Yoga helps one become so present, that each moment is a life and death in itself. And with that level of clarity you can began to surrender to the idea of this unknown, permanent departure. Although we are burdened with the knowledge that death is coming, through this practice we become at ease. Tranquil mentally, spiritually and physically.  The union of this trifecta will silence the outer world and allow you to harmonize with your true vibration of your inner world. You will know peace.
I don’t know anything about death, but I found this thing, this yoga practice in life- and it’s showing me a way to be ok. To surrender and relax to the purpose of why we’re all here. The reason we take “corpse pose” (Savasana) at the end of practice is to begin the mindset of departing in peace. If we leave in peace, may be we all will live in peace.
I am sorry if this brings up any raw feelings!  I just was contemplating this today.
Kai Elle

Yoga Philosophy and the American Dream

I think more then anything what we really want to do is communicate through our soul, but because we didn’t have the knowledge or tools to access our spirit, we communicate through ego.  As a result things we covet tend to be materialistic. This lead us into becoming a nation of consumerism.


To communicate by soul,  means we have to have a communion with our “selves” with our “higher purpose.”  This can be a  very confusing journey inward (as our ego for so long has ruled our mindset and will quickly encourage you “give up” because “this feels uncomfortable”) the ego will quickly identify with your lack of “results”  and quite often misguides and misleads you back into consumption of fulfillment that someone else  is selling (slick gym clothes, air brushed models on magazines, sodas, makeup, candy, fast food, expensive things).

The ego will mislead you and never let you walk over or through the bridge that leads to your higher consciousness .  Here, in that space  exists your dream. Your truth.  Your limitless potential. Here is your beauty, your grace and your timelessness.  It is your inner spirit dwelling inside you,  a life force waiting to be called upon and heard. It is always speaking to you-but in a world where we are so assaulted not only by outer noise but also frantic inner noise, our minds tend to be busy, distracted, unfocused and sadly to say probably negative.


Look at yourself inside, the health of your body and your mind.  Yoga is the manifestation of us realizing our pure potential! Deep inside you is a treasure, a truly unique gift that separates you from everyone else on earth.  When we practice yoga we begin to align our inner spirit with the universal spirit.

Namaste (I see the light in you)

Kyle Elizabeth