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Yoga and Listening to Your “self”

Listening to your “self” may be the hardest and the scariest thing we ever do. Our whole lives we are taught to listen to others and conform to their idea of what we are and should be. You’ve had moments when the “self” spoke up, but if you weren’t ready to listen you pushed it away.

This voice tells you how you look every day. How to dress. What to worry about, it compares you constantly to anything and everything “better than you” this voice keeps you paralyzed by fear, doubt and drama. This voice is so busy occupying your mind, that  your wisest part of your being your higher concsciouncess is often never heard.

Do you want to go through your whole life bombarded by your ego voice, or silence it and let the real you shine through? The one that knows you are unlimitedly blessed and talented and can help you focus on  the gifts which contributes to you achieving your dreams. The direct line to your higher power and being. Your guide inside. Listen to that voice.

“But I’ve never heard it.”

That’s because you never mastered quieting down your ego. We live in an egoitiscitcal society. Look at  social media, everything is an “enhanced, perfected and un true” super state of reality we want the world to believe we exist in.  These images can can crush our inner true voice.  The part of our being that rings out with hope and purpose.  We need to hear that part of ourselves in this noisy outside and inner world.

Since we were little we were conditioned by our parents, siblings, peers and teachers at school, programs, expectations, commercials, television all telling us how we should think, feel, look, act and “be.”

Silence. Is. Golden.

Have you ever stilled your thoughts so deeply you heard true silence of the mind? I have. I was floating under water with sunlight pouring all around me, surrounded by leaves that fell from a tree.  Time did not exist. I was never the same after that deep meditation. To experience true silence from the inside was such a mind altering experience.

Go to yoga and connect to your breath, calm your mind, quiet the frantic voice of the ego and listen to your “self.” That is the most powerful essence of your being.  The world is excited to meet the true you! Let the light shine from behind your eyes, glowing with inner wisdom and confidence, beauty and strength. Namaste.


Too Legit To Quit

If you have tried yoga and didn’t like it, you are the norm and that also means you probably ended up quitting.  Trust me I feel you. For a good year, possibly two, I hated yoga. I didn’t do it a lot and when I did, so much anger and frustration and lack of understanding came out. But… there was one thing in it I enjoyed, I loved laying down at the end! Not many work outs offer that golden ritual.  After I came out of meditation I was noticeably calmer happier and more creative. I took notice of that and wanted to know more about the science of it.

(Also people seemed to like me more after I practiced. That took me by surprise…I guess I am not always a delight!)

Here is why you probably hated it: It brought up everything you’re not good at.

1. You didn’t deem it as a work out {yet oddly everything was physically challenging}
2. You couldn’t focus your mind – it was chaotic with thoughts {yoga makes you face that, as a result you may  have then felt angry that you couldn’t or didn’t have the tools to be present}
3. You aren’t flexible {HELLOOOO That’s not getting any better as you age, matter of fact you’re only going to get more rigid}
4. The instructor seemed a bit out of touch with reality, saying foreign words like namaste and likening everything to a lotus flower or tree and talked about the infinite { When  you allow yourself to visualize it, peace and serenity will enter you and you will begin to connect to not only nature but your inner nature as well}
5. Everyone in the room was looking at you! And you we’re embarrassed.  {They weren’t.  Once you focus on your breath, realize no one is looking at you at all. Sorry just another lovely trick of the ego.}
These are the top excuses I had when doing yoga as well as common excuses I hear daily.
Change your attitude and get into it. Perhaps your resistance is the exact reason you should go fearlessly towards it.  Yoga is an ocean of yourself and you are diving into you, it’s exciting. Learn how you think, how your body works. Get to know true self.  What comes easy and what doesn’t. You’ll be surprised and you will become more patient with yourself.  The more you understand the deeper meaning of your limitations you can began to turn them into endless possibilities.
I know I said 5, but there is one more I would like to add and that is
Time. Most people make the excuse that they don’t have time to do yoga. I will be releasing a blog soon about how to fit it any time anywhere! Have no fear.
 If you experienced these reasons to quit, here is my advice: Don’t!